Mar 20, 2017

Mar 16, 2017

Some Lessons For Living From Older Generations

"No one – not a single person out of a thousand – said that to be happy you should try to work as hard as you can to make money to buy the things you want.
No one – not a single person – said it’s important to be at least as wealthy as the people around you, and if you have more than they do it’s real success.
No one – not a single person – said you should choose your work based on your desired future earning power."

Mar 15, 2017

Investing in Clean Energy - Hannon Armstrong (80 shares, $105 dividend income)

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. (NYSE: HASI) is a REIT that provides debt and equity investments to the energy efficiency and renewable energy markets in the US.

Clean and renewable energy is a tricky investment under the TRUMP administration's new EPA which appears not too politically motivated to tackle climate change seriously. However as global communities start to face increasing air and water pollution, we will not have a choice but to adopt clean energy. This company is positioning itself in that clean future and I'm eager to participate especially with almost ~7% dividend yield ! :))

This purchase will add $105 annual dividend income to my dividend stock portfolio

Basic info:
Market CAP: 950M   EPS:$0.32 Dividend: $1.32 (6.95%)

Feb 27, 2017

Buying Tesla

Tesla, Inc., (NASDAQ: TSLA) makes electric vehicles namely the Model S sedan and the Model X sport utility vehicle (SUV). I cannot afford either models so I bought a few shares of the company instead. It always feels better to invest money you have on hand than spend what you don't have by taking a loan, advance, etc..
I first bought this stock during it's IPO price of $18-20 a few years back and sold it after it soared to $30. I've regretted that sale ever since so I back in it for good this time so let's go to MARS ! :))

Jan 27, 2017

Stock Purchase - Welltower Inc. (15 shares, $51 dividend income)

After my recent addition of New Senior Investment Group (NYSE:SNR) in the healthcare REIT sector, I began looking for another investment in this popular sector and came across another attractive REIT with a good yield (5%), namely Welltower (NYSE: HCN).

Welltower Inc., (NYSE: HCN) is one of the largest REIT that invests in senior housing, assisted living and memory care communities, post-acute care facilities, and medical office buildings together with hospitals and other healthcare properties in US, Canada and UK.

Unlike New Senior Investment Group which is more of a high yield risky bet (10+% yield), Welltower is very established with a long dividend history and I'm confident this one will be a long term holding, so called "SWAN" (sleep well at night) stock :))

This purchase will add $51 annual dividend income to my dividend stock portfolio

Basic info:
Market CAP: 23B   EPS:$1.72  Dividend: $3.44 (5.20%)

Jan 26, 2017

Stock Purchase - SNR (100 shares, $104 dividend income)

New Senior Investment Group Inc. (NYSE: SNR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) with over 105 independent living properties, 44 assisted living / memory care properties and 5 continuing care retirement communities properties nationwide over 30 states.

There is no doubt in my mind that this nation's aging population and longer lifespans will surely drive this company's business for the long foreseeable future. I hope and expect their revenues to grow,  improve and be lucrative enough to be sustainable.

As long as they maintain that crazy 10+% yield and don;'t screw up badly, I'm in it ! :))

This purchase will add $104 annual dividend income to my dividend stock portfolio

Basic info:
Market CAP: 826M   EPS:-$1.10  Dividend: $1.04 (10.25%)